Commute time might be a crucial factor in your home search. With a new Homesnap Search By Commute feature it’s much easier to narrow your home search based on commute times.

Homesnap has already enabled our buyers to have real time COMPLETE MLS info in the palm of their hands. Other listing portals are not guaranteed to have the entire MLS  listings data, but Homesnap does!

Now you can feel more confident about your home search because it’s so easy to see if a home is within your desired commute time. You can also plug in up to five addresses, so your searches can find a sweet spot for commuting between multiple workplaces, daycare, schools, or the gym.

 Homesnap’s Search By Commute is powered by real-time traffic info and machine-learning — so as traffic patterns change, their search will keep up. 

 Here’s how you use Search By Commute to map out the home search of your dreams: 

1. Download the Homesnap app

2. Select the “Search By Commute” icon

search by commute homesnap

2. Add each work location and the max commute time

search by commute homesnaph

3. Tap “Search” to filter properties by commute time

search by commute homesnap

4. Tap on each property to view its exact commute time

search by commute homesnap

search by commute homesnap

5. Plug in multiple addresses to find a commute time that works for the whole household.

You can save searches with commute times, add more search filters or tap any property to see its commute time. And to share your search, simply copy the URL.

Commute time can be a big deal!   Search By Commute ensures you can quickly filter properties and save searches using that information.

Need more info on Homesnap, or available properties?  We are always here to help ~ plus Homesnap puts us just a click away on the app!